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Whiteford Welcomes Film Crew to Buchan

Friday, 12 April 2013

Banff & Buchan MP Eilidh Whiteford has formally welcomed the production of a new film, set to showcase some of the North-east’s most spectacular scenery.

Eilidh Whiteford MP meets director Julian Nicholson (r), with cast members Andrew Cameron (l) and Imogen Watt (2nd r) at Aberdour Beach
Dr Whiteford visited the set of ‘Whistle My Lad’, written by Macduff man Richard Burke and directed by Julian Nicholson, which is currently being filmed at Aberdour beach and other north-east locations.

The short film, set in the summer of 1911, follows a tale of forbidden love between the son and daughter of two rival fishing families. Filmed by the BAFTA-award winning crew behind ‘No More Shall We Part’, it is hoped that ‘Whistle My Lad’ will pave the way for bigger productions in the area. The cast have recently completed scenes at St John’s Kirk near Gardenstown, with others filmed in Banchory and Crovie.

Speaking to the crew and cast, Eilidh said that she was proud to welcome the production to the north east, and suggested that it would be a great advert for the region in an international setting.

Commenting, Eilidh Whiteford MP said:

“It’s always a pleasure to see new film production in Banff & Buchan, building on the area’s reputation for outstanding natural beauty, and a fascinating history.

“’Whistle My Lad’ boldly follows in the footsteps of Local Hero, and promises to be a cinematic treat. It’s a great pleasure to welcome this production to the north-east of Scotland, and recommend the area as one of outstanding natural beauty.”

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