Eilidh Whiteford, MP for Banff & Buchan


Eilidh ranked one of Scotland's hardest working MPs

Thursday, 19 March 2015

New figures from the House of Commons Library have revealed Eilidh Whiteford to be one of Scotland's hardest working Members of Parliament.

The SNP MP for Banff & Buchan ranks 9th out of 59 Scottish MPs for contributions to debates - making over 500 speeches and interventions since her election in 2010.

In the period 2010-2015, Eilidh has also asked over 700 parliamentary questions.

The statistics put the Banff & Buchan MP's parliamentary contributions well ahead of some high-profile Scottish MPs including the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the former Chancellor Alistair Darling and LibDem MP Charles Kennedy.

Commenting, Eilidh said:

"When I was elected in 2010, I promised to work my socks off for my constituents and that is what I have done to the best of my ability. I have spoken in a lot of debates and I have asked a lot of questions of this ConDem UK Government but that is exactly what Banff & Buchan needs and expects.

"Banff & Buchan is a diverse community and I have spoken on issues from farming and fishing to broadband and support for the vulnerable.

​"Being the MP for Banff & Buchan these last 5 years has been an immense privilege which I am keen to continue."

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