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Thursday, 8 April 2010


Banff & Buchan Scottish National Party have this week launched their campaign elect their Westminster candidate Eilidh Whiteford.

Dr Whiteford accompanied First Minister Alex Salmond MP on a visit to Peterhead Harbour yesterday and was campaigning with local activists in Inverallochy this morning before visiting businesses in Banffshire in the afternoon.

The SNP are going into this campaign with a clear message for Scottish voters: more votes means more Nats, and more Nats means less cuts. The Westminster system is discredited, and only a strong SNP presence will protect Scottish jobs and services.

Labour has already said that they will make cuts in public spending ‘tougher and deeper’ than Thatcher, and the Tories are planning a £1 billion raid on Scottish budgets, despite revenues from Scottish resources propping up the UK's finances.

Launching her election campaign Eilidh Whiteford said:

"The SNP is working hard for Scotland and for the people and communities of Banff & Buchan. We are speaking up for local and national priorities, and will work to win the best deal for this area.

"The SNP will speak up for Scottish interests in London. Without the SNP, Scotland will be ignored.

“The SNP will stand shoulder to shoulder with the communities we represent. While the London parties are obsessed with who will form the next UK Government, the SNP is delivering on its commitments: freezing the Council Tax, putting more police on the street, giving patients new rights including a waiting time guarantee and freezing senior salaries, including ministerial pay.

"I have been campaigning against fuel tax rises which are hitting households and businesses in rural Scotland hardest, and fighting to defend local jobs. With an axe hanging over our public services, pensioners must not be made to bear the brunt of the recession. In tough financial times, the UK should prioritise frontline services like health, education and policing instead of spending £100 billion on a new Trident nuclear missile system.”

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson is encouraging voters to continue their strong support for Eilidh Whiteford saying:

"At this election, Banff & Buchan voters can elect a candidate who will champion local issues. An SNP MP who will make sure our communities can't be ignored.

“We can protect jobs, recovery and important local services and instead cut things like the 100 billion pound replacement for Trident, identity cards, the House of Lords and the Scotland Office.

"On polling day the people of Banff & Buchan can do more than just vote for a politician, with the SNP they can elect Eilidh Whiteford to champion local issues.”

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