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Local MP Welcomes Growth of Fraserburgh Business

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Local MP Eilidh Whiteford this week visited Mewstead (Fraserburgh) LLP to mark the ongoing success of the Fraserburgh-based business. Owners George Tait, Challenge Fishing Company Limited and Zander West, Daystar BF350 Limited welcomed Dr Whiteford to one of their Pelagic trawlers in Fraserburgh Harbour, along with Alan Smith and Mark Gall from the company’s banker, The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Challenge Fishing Company and Daystar BF350 Limited are members of Mewstead (Fraserburgh) LLP, which was created in 2001 between three well known local fishing families. The partnership has gone from strength to strength and in 2010, the LLP took up the opportunity to buy out one of the retiring members, with RBS providing support to assist in the acquisition.

George has subsequently explored other opportunities to diversify his business interests and most recently opened up the Dunes Golf Driving Range and restaurant adjacent to Fraserburgh Golf Club. The new range has created excellent facilities and has resulted in the creation of new local jobs. The new development was supported by RBS.

Eilidh Whiteford MP was delighted to visit the MFV Ocean Quest following discussions with local RBS management about support for small and medium enterprises in the area and said,

“Small and medium sized businesses are vital to creating and sustaining jobs in our area and I was delighted to visit George and Zander and see for myself how well the business is doing. Their ambition and vision are to be applauded and although these remain tough times for many businesses, George and Zander’s success highlights how important it is for businesses and banks to work closely and the important role they will both play in the economic recovery.”

George Tait said:

“This is an extremely exciting time for our business and we’re delighted that Eilidh Whiteford has taken the time to come and see us. We’ve got a fantastic workforce and this will go a long way to help us grow and achieve long term success for the business. We also very much appreciate the support RBS has provided in helping us to move the business forward.”

Mark Gall, Regional Director for RBS said:

“George brings incredible experience and expertise to this business and our support recognises his outstanding commitment and professionalism, and reflects our focus on financing the investment ambitions of Scottish business. These are undoubtedly more challenging economic times for the business community but George and his team represent all that is good about the entrepreneurial spirit which exists in Scotland.”

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