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Local MP Takes “Time Out” In Strichen

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Banff & Buchan MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford took up an invitation to visit Strichen Town House on Saturday. Members of the public had the opportunity to see inside the historic building and find out about its history and heritage as part of an Open Day.

Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP with
Strichen Community Council secretary Andy Sturdy
Whilst there, the MP took ‘time out’ to climb up to the clock tower with local Community Council secretary Andy Sturdy and see the historic bell tower and the clock mechanism. The wall of the bell tower is covered in the signatures of those who have wound the clock and cared for the timepiece over the past centuries and the MP was given the opportunity to add her name to the wall.

Commenting afterwards, Eilidh said:

“Strichen Town House is clearly a magnificent building with a prominent position in the heart of the village. However, a lot of refurbishment work will be needed to bring it up to standard.

“I was keen to drop into the Open Day to hear some of the ideas which were being put forward by members of the community as to the future of the building. It was clear to me that there is a lot of enthusiasm for developing the Town House into more of a community facility and I’ve offered the organisers any assistance I can provide to help them progress matters.”

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