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SNP Condemn Westminster's Child Benefit Crackdown

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The SNP has condemned Westminster’s child benefit crackdown after a news report today revealed the misery of the wife of a Scots war hero who lost the vital income without any warning.

The Daily Record article raises fears that the Tory-LibDem UK government’s attack on benefits could see thousands of forces families losing the cash.

SNP Work and Pensions spokesperson Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP said:

“This distressing story highlights the damaging impact of the Tory-LibDem government’s savage cuts.

“It is deeply worrying that this family were not told they would not be getting the benefit – and that nobody has explained why.

“How many other families have been affected in this way?

“It is shameful that the UK government is pulling child benefit without warning people beforehand.

“David Cameron’s campaign claimed he would do everything he could to strengthen and support families, but this proves the opposite is true.

“With his LibDem cronies, Mr Cameron has condemned thousands of families into poverty with his savage cuts to child benefits.

“Labour must explain to people, just like the family in this story, why it believes we are ‘Better Together’ with a Tory Westminster government and their attacks on the welfare of children, families, young people and pensioners.

“In contrast, the SNP is committed to a progressive welfare system that reflects our nation’s values and ensures fair and decent support for all of our people."

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