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MP Backs Campaign for Lower Westminster Voting Age

Friday, 17 October 2014

Eilidh Whiteford supports Scottish Youth Parliament campaign for votes at 16

Banff and Buchan MP, Dr Eilidh Whiteford, today met with two budding politicians to discuss their campaign to have the voting age lowered to 16 for all elections.

Kain McLeod (left) & Robbie Nicoll MSYP (right)
with Eilidh Whiteford MP
The Scottish Government and UK Government had agreed to lower the voting age to enable 16 and 17 year olds to vote in the referendum on Scottish independence but the voting age remains at 18 for all other elections. However, Whiteford and Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament Robbie Nicoll today used the opportunity of their meeting to issue a call for the voting age to be lowered permanently for all elections.

Commenting, Robbie Nicoll said:

"It is vital to build on the fantastic participation of 16 and 17 years in the Scottish referendum. They dispelled every myth surrounding lowering the voting age by doing research, raising their own issues and points and casting informed votes. I strongly believe that now is the time to give 16 and 17 year olds the permanent right to vote."

Dr Eilidh Whiteford added:

"It was a pleasure to meet with Robbie and I commend his hard work in campaigning on this issue. Some of the most informed voters that I spoke to during the referendum campaign were from our younger generation. It proves the point that young people of 16 and 17 are sensible and mature enough to vote in the Westminster election next May and all elections thereafter. I am pleased to add my support to Robbie's campaign and wish him all the best in his campaign to have him and his peers' right to vote recognised."

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