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Parliamentarians Welcome Progress on Ambulance Response Times

Friday, 17 October 2014

MP & MSP secure commitment from Ambulance Service to improve in North Aberdeenshire

Following on a recent report that ambulances were failing to meet call-out target times in North Aberdeenshire, Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP and Stewart Stevenson MSP met with regional Scottish Ambulance Service chiefs to hear their plans on how to address the shortcomings.

The parliamentarians had earlier met with the chiefs and were told that the Service would produce a report aimed at identifying the improvements that were needed.

Commenting on the meeting, Banff & Buchan MP, Eilidh Whiteford, said:

“The Scottish Ambulance Service has made a welcome commitment to filling the current vacancies that exist in the north of Aberdeenshire and providing incentives to attract the best talent to the area. A fully staffed and trained service will go a long way to ensuring that residents in Banff and Buchan can come to expect improved response times."

"When I met with staff a few weeks ago, one of the priorities they identified was for additional A&E ambulance provision in Peterhead. I am very pleased that the Scottish Ambulance Service has listened, and has made a commitment to a second A&E ambulance in Peterhead which will go some way to relieving pressures at stations in Fraserburgh and Banff."

The Ambulance Service chiefs also informed the Parliamentarians that an additional paramedic response vehicle has been added to the station at Fraserburgh until a more detailed assessment of demand can be made.

Stewart Stevenson MSP added:

“The commitment of additional vehicles is a welcome step in addressing the demand profile that there is in Aberdeenshire. The extra paramedic vehicle in Fraserburgh and a commitment to assess the need for a second A&E ambulance based out of Peterhead will be key in bringing response times down."

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