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Allard and Whiteford Welcome Record Voter Numbers in Scotland

Friday, 17 April 2015

SNP MSP Christian Allard (North East Scotland) and Banff and Buchan Westminster candidate, Dr Eilidh Whiteford, has welcomed the latest figures on the number of people registered to vote with the Electoral Commission in local councils, Scottish Parliament, and UK Parliamentary elections.

March, 2015 figures show that this number now sits at 4,035,394, which is the highest it has ever been for Scotland. This figure surpasses last year’s record of 4,027,187.

With the exception of 2009, the number of people registered to vote in elections has risen every year in Scotland. The number of people registered to vote last year also broke records with 4,285,323 registered to vote in the referendum on Scottish independence – however, this figure also takes 16-17 year olds into account who are not yet entitled to vote in parliamentary or local elections.

North East Scotland constituencies have seen records of their own with regards to levels of registered electorate. As of March 2015, West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine had 73,096 people registered to vote – the highest number recorded for that constituency. Gordon constituency also has a record number of people registered with 79,002 people signed up to vote.

In 2004, Banff and Buchan constituency had 65,684 people registered to vote. As of March 2015, that number has now risen to 68,532.

The deadline for electoral registration before the 2015 UK General Election is Monday, 20th April. Online registration can be found at:

Commenting, Christian Allard MSP said:

“Democracy works when people get involved. It is great to see such high numbers of people interested in their politics and registering to vote.

“People across the North-East, and across Scotland as a whole, have felt the sting of Westminster cuts to our services. With wages being driven down in real terms, and the cost of living spiralling out of control, it is clear to see that the economic recovery is not being felt by many.

“People want great change as a result of this UK General Election. I urge all who have not yet done so, to register to vote.”

SNP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Banff and Buchan, Dr. Eilidh Whiteford also commented:

"There is a re-energisation of politics in Scotland and people are once again engaged and prepared to act on issues which they feel strongly about. I welcome the rise in numbers of people in Banff & Buchan registered and would urge anyone hoping to vote, to take action now to get on the register."

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