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Blow for Labour as 2010 Election Candidate Backs SNP's Whiteford

Friday, 10 April 2015

Banff & Buchan SNP candidate Eilidh Whiteford’s campaign received a major boost today as one of her opponents from the 2010 Election publicly backed her candidacy.

Glen Reynolds, who stood for the Labour Party in Banff & Buchan at the last General Election has given his backing to Eilidh Whiteford and the SNP.

Speaking on the day nominations for the constituency closed, Glen Reynolds said:

"I left the Labour Party because the Labour Party left me. Key Labour figures now talk about being anchored to the 'centre ground'. For 'centre ground', you can read the economic status quo, and I do not believe that is the right political approach for this area.

“I support Eilidh Whiteford because she will work for change, as she has been doing as an MP for the last five years. I believe Labour has become too close to the Tories in its values and outlook. For myself, this heavy hearted change to the SNP from Labour does not happen overnight, at least not when you have been steeped in Labour activism, having been a parliamentary candidate twice, supported by UNISON, and having been a Labour Councillor.

“Eilidh represents all that was important to me about my political values which have been jettisoned by Labour. And she is a rarity amongst many Westminster politicians - she is someone you can trust, not just with fighting to overcome austerity measures, but to work hard for you at Westminster, not for the status quo but for a change in the direction that Westminster threatens."

Glen was also previously Labour’s candidate for Berwick in the 2005 election and has been an elected councillor.

Welcoming the backing from Glen Reynolds, Eilidh Whiteford said:

“I’m delighted to have Glen’s support. Glen was a principled opponent at the 2010 election and I’m very pleased indeed to welcome him as a principled fellow-campaigner in 2015.

“In many ways, the journey Glen has made over the last few years is being mirrored across the country, certainly in the Labour Party, but also by supporters of other parties who are increasingly coming to the view that the Westminster system of government is failing people in Scotland and that better decisions will be made closer to home by people who are accountable to us.”

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